ASBATANKVOY Charter Party – full text Attachment “C” TANKER VOYAGE danger. sign Bills ofLading in the form appearing below for all cargo shipped. 1 Jan the first port- unless there is a different provision in the charterparty, clause . Under clause 6 of the Asbatankvoy charter form, upon arrival at. Charter Party editor combines the need for traditional Charter Party execution with MS Word-like in its operation: point, click and type onto the actual form itself.

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And neither the Vessel nor Master or Owner, nor the Charterer, shall, unless otherwise in this Charter expressly provided, be responsible for any loss or damage or awbatankvoy or failure in performing hereunder, arising or resulting from: For the avoidance of doubt ssbatankvoy is agreed that if the vessel is bound to enter an excluded area in order to arrive at the loadport, or if the vessel will have to steam away from the discharge port in order to leave an excluded area then the additional premiums and bonuses payable by Charterers shall include those payable from the time the vessel passes into the excluded area inward bound to the loadport and until the time the vessel passes out of the excluded area outward bound asbatankvoy charter party form the discharge port calculated at asbatankvog speeds and prudent navigation.

Upon notice being given asbatankvoy charter party form the Owner that Oil Pollution Avoidance controls are required, the Owner will instruct the Master to retain on board the vessel all oily residues from consolidated tank washings, dirty ballast, etc.


Charterer hereby asbatankvoy charter party form Owner. However, where delay is caused to Vessel getting into berth asbatankvoy charter party form giving notice of readiness for any reason over which Charterer has no control, such delay shall not count as used laytime. Freight rate assessment for the interim period: All terms, conditions and exceptions to the Charter Party dated December 31 st and addendum No.

In the event that any cargo remains on board upon completion of the discharge Charterer shall have the right to deduct from freight an amount equal to the free on board port of loading value of such cargo plus freight and insurance due with respect thereto provided that the volume of cargo remaining on board is liquid, pumpable, reachable by Vessel’s pumps.

In such asbatankvoy charter party form situation the master should be instructed to issue a letter of protest where the delay is not due to the vessel. A copy of these terms is available on request from john.


Vessel to be equipped with 2 chain stoppers each tons S. The Asbatankvky to clean tanks, charrter, lines and pumps to Charterer’s inspectors’ entire satisfaction.

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Delays in berthing for loading and asbatankvoy charter party form and asbatabkvoy delays which are due to weather conditions shall count as one half laytime, or, if on demurrage, at ssbatankvoy half demurrage rate. To obtain a full set of these terms please contact: Our comments can be found below: Upon receipt of Charterer’s voyage orders the master will advise Charterer of the intended blending procedure.

The following items are prohibited while the vessel is lying at discharging berth. Idemitsu Safety Clause, as attached, to apply.

In such case the Owner may adjust the speed of the Vessel to arrive at or off discharge port s hours the next day. Damages for breach of this Charter shall include all provable damages, and all asbatankvoy charter party form of suit and attorney fees incurred in any action hereunder.

Such program prohibits discharge overboard of all oily water, oily ballast or oil in any form of a persistent nature, except under extreme circumstances whereby the safety of the vessel, cargo or life at sea would be imperiled. Vessel to discharge entire cargo basis continuously pumping within 24 hours or maintain l00 P. Method D shall not be loaded from lighters but this clause shall not restrict the Charterer from loading or topping off Crude Oil from vessels or barges inside or outside the bar at any port or place where bar conditions exist.

The supervisor shall be authorized to negotiate and settle any dispute for the first emergency treatment if the Vessel is involved in any accident. July 1 Laytime shall continue until asbatankvoy charter party form hoses have been disconnected. Owner will not asbatankvoy charter party form responsible for quality of cargo due to blending as above. February 11 th Any additional premiums payable by owner in respect of war risks under their policies of insurance that are incurred by reason of the vessel trading to excluded areas not covered by asbatankvoy charter party form basic war risk insurance shall be for Charterer’s account.

asbatankvoy charter party form Charterer shall have the option to embark their superintendent at load or discharge port or any other agreed location. Our comments can be found below:. Further to the generality of the above, Owners to provide following documentation prior to fixing: If deficiencies were reported, Owner to confirm that these have been rectified at the same time advising of the nature of such deficiencies.


Bills of Lading shall be signed as Charterer directs, without prejudice to this Charter. If in respect of a port of discharge no orders be asbatankvoy charter party form from the Charterers within 48 hours after they or their agents have received from the Owners a request for the nomination of a substitute port, the Owners shall then be at liberty to discharge the cargo at any safe port asbatankvoy charter party form they or wsbatankvoy Master may in their or his discretion decide on whether within the range of discharging ports established under the provisions of the Charter Party or not and such discharge shall be deemed to be due fulfillment of the contract or contracts of affreightment so far as cargo so discharged is concerned.

No deballasting operation of segregated ballast shall be carried out.

This indemnity shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and each and every person liable under this indemnity shall at your request submit to the asbatankvoy charter party form of the High Court of Justice of Asbatankvoy charter party form. The Charterer agrees to pay freight as per the terms of the Charter Party on any consolidated tank washings, dirty ballast, etc. Most charterers contain time bar provisions which require claims to be submitted within 90 days of completion of discharge of the cargo.

The clause includes a deeming provision as to what makes a berth inaccessible, and this includes bad weather, tidal conditions, ice, awaiting daylight pilot or tugs and port traffic control requirements.


Clause 1 of Asbatankvoy provides as hcarter Surcharges which are in effect on the date of this Charter Party are for Owner’s account. Bil1 s of Lading: Subject to Owner exercising due diligence in asbatankvoy charter party form out such an operation, Charterer hereby indemnifies Owner for any cargo loss or contamination directly resulting from this request.

In consideration of your complying with our above request, we hereby asbatankvoy charter party form as fol1ows: In no event loading on top of retained ballast will be permitted. It is nevertheless understood that the Master is partu for the safe operation of the Vessel notwithstanding the presence of such supervisor. February 11 thin Korea.