31 Jan ASTM D describes six methods used to test the adhesion strength of pressure sensitive tape. Learn how to test pressure sensitive adhesive tapes to ASTM D with the best equipment. “These test methods are under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D on. Packaging published as D – 76 Last previous cdition D/DM –

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ASTM D Peel Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tape How to Guide – ADMET

Fold one end of the specimen to create astm d3330 tab. Now apply a strip of the tape to a rigid panel, such as the standard stainless steel panel. Fold a tab of the tape and double back at an angle of degrees.

Standard astm d3330 widths of 0. The data obtained provide a means of assessing the uniformity of the adhesion of a given type of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. Astm d3330 with us to find the right equipment for your ASTM standard.

Designed to consistently apply adhesive films and sheets to testing surfaces Floating roller removes any pressure variance by the human hand Roller weight of 2.

The peel adhesion of the liner is measured using a degree peel test. Two different tapes astm d3330 agree in these properties. G Series Pneumatic Grip. Repeat steps 1 to 6 of Test Method A.

ASTM D3330 Peel Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tape How to Guide

The peel plot you are looking for will be force vs displacement over the length of the peel line. For ASTM D, we would configure a small capacity load cell 10 or 25 pound for this low force peel test. Test Methods A, B, C, E or F cannot be used to compare two pressure-sensitive tapes of the same type but of different manufacture for their ability to adhere to a surface. Cut the tape not adhered to the plate do not cut the lining. Rated to 1 kN lbf Maximum specimen thicknesses from 10 mm to 50 mm 0.


GK Mechanical Vice Grip. The G are small and precise, perfect d3303 very small load cells testing at low loads. Apply astm d3330 second strip astm d3330 the tape to the backing of the first strip on the test panel, taking care to align the edges of the second specimen with those of the strip in the test panel. This method is the same procedure as Method A, but measured for the thin polyester film astm d3330 to double-coated tape.

Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided astm d3330 part of the standard. The P consists of a vertical load frame, an electromechanical actuator, load cell, a asmt test controller, XY test astm d3330 and peel grips. The force will be different at other peel rates. Repeat steps of Astm d3330 Method A. If you would rather see the data in real-time and study the peel interface at the same time, we would provide d33300 with our XyLive Software.

The data from this test measures the uniformity of adhesion of a pressure sensitive tape. Secure the tab to the static grip. Substitution of representative samples of materials in question for the standard steel panel astm d3330 suffice to do this. G Series Mechanical Vice Grip. These characteristics will result in a high variability for the astm d3330 response which is not a true indication of the real nature of the adhesive bond.

Remove the lining from the half not adhered to the plate.

When testing face side adhesion, the double-coated tape is adhered to a stainless steel panel or your chosen substrateliner side up. The plate is placed horizontally into the test machine and the free end of the tape is grasped astm d3330 the astm d3330 grips.


In astm d3330 liner-side application, the transfer tape is applied to a strip of 0. A key issue that many people encounter when testing astm d3330 peel tests to ASTM D, is that both sides of the adhesive specimen can accidentally rub together during testing.

This unique standard consists of Methods A through F, astm d3330 ways to measure peel adhesion with degree and 90 astm d3330 peel methods. The assessment may be within a roll of tape, between rolls, or between production lots.

ASTM D3330 Peel Adhesion Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes

astm d3330 Next, clamp the substrate panel into the moveable jaw of testing machine and free end of tape into other jaw. For complete instructions and ensuring that your products astm d3330 in accordance with ASTM D, please refer to the official specification in the relevant ASTM publication.

A strip astm d3330 tape is applied to a standard test panel that with controlled pressure from a TestResources Sample Roller. Adhere the tape specimen onto the test panel using a handheld roller. The liner is removed and a 0. ASTM D is one of the more popular testing standards to determine the adhesive strength of pressure sensitive tapes.

Test Method D can show the amount of force required to remove astm d3330 liner that covers the adhesive side of a tape at a specified peel rate. They can help astm d3330 configure the best test machine and grips for your specimens.

If the adherent is set on an angle, that will cause an error. Secure the end of the plate furthest away from the tab to the moving grip.