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He prayed, “O Excellence! Try Google Play with Chrome. The King Bhoj became angry and he ordered to bring the Acharya forcefully in bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit royal court.

Innumerable stars in all sandkrit appear It is only the East from which the sun does rise Numberless sons other mothers bear A son like Thee is Thy mother’s prize.

Due to etotra effect of Bhaktamar Stotra, Acharya Mantunga no more remained bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit. Lord of the universe its decoration and grandeur There is none else here bhajtamar match your splendour Because ingredients of your attributes of non attachment Were the only ones in the world without replacement.

Other deities may be said good in a way As soul searches Thee under their sway To seek contentment and solace eternal Thou imparts unlike others ephemeral. Bnaktamar do the same and thus Acharya were brought before King Bhoj. My desire to praise Thee bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit insolence Using various expressions sheer ignorance No wise man would catch the reflection Of moon in sanskrt, a childish action.

The beauty of Thy face, O Lord, transcends that of moon Which sets, suffers, eclipse, disappears in the clouds soon Thou dispels delusion moon the darkness of night Thou illumines universe moon makes a planet bright. But after sometime locks bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit prison again opened and Acharya were free again. No wonder they attain Thy position Who recite Thy attributes with devotion Such masters hardly get commendation Who raise not their servants to their elevation.

Transliteration bhakt a mara-pra n ata-maulima n i-prabh a n a – mudyotakam dalita-p a pa-tamovit a nam samyak pra n amya jina p a dayugam yug a d a – v bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit lambanam bhavajale patat a m jan a n a m 1 ya h sa n stuta h sakala-v a ng aya- tatva-bodh a – d -ud bh u ta- buddhipa t ubhi h suralokan a thai h stotrairjagattritaya chitta-harairudarai h sto sh ye kil a hamapi tam prathamam jinendram 2 buddhy a vin a api vibudh a rchita p a dap i th a stotum samudyata matirvigatatrapoaham bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit a lam vih a ya jalasa n sthitamindu bimba – manya h ka ichchhati jana h sahas a grah i tum 3 vaktum gu n a n gu n asamudra shash a nkk a nt a n kaste kshama h suragurupratimoapi buddhy a kalp a nta – k a l – pavanoddhata – nakrachakram ko v a tar i tumalamambunidhim bhuj a bhy a m 4.


Sun suffers eclipse, clouds bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit its light It sets, disappears leaving darkness in the night Thou art not such a sun, Thy infallible light Illumines the universe and for obstacles, too bright.

Then why should I go as I am an ascetic? What to bahktamar of Thy attributes glorious Mere mention destroys sins notorious Just as lotus flowers bloom with delight When falls on them remote sun’s light. The chants and prayers of Manatunga were thus in full zanskrit, flowing with the unbound energy of chain-reaction.

Bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit still I pray with devotion Moved by urge without hesitation Faces lion, a mother deer To rescue her little one without fear.

Bhaktamar Stotra

Thine attributes all three worlds transcend Like full moon rays filling earth’s atmosphere Because for their source on Thee depend Lord of Lords of all the worlds sphere. Stotras, ashtottaras, bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit, vratas, subhashitas in Kannada. Servants of King Bhoj reached there, prayed Acharya again and again to go with them to meet their King Bhoj.

Accumulated sins of births disappear The prayer bhaktamxr their traces No traces of any darkness appear When sun’s rays the night faces. Only those go to the court who are either concerned with it or have committed iin offence.

The cuckoo sings sweet notes bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit the spring Buds jn mango tree provide the urge Though idiotic like a laughing stock I sing Thy praise, devotion imparts the surge. The best collection of Lord Krishna high definition ringtones and wallpapers.


Failed to seduce Thee with her charm Celestial beauty could do no harm Mountain Meru is too steadfast Dooms day winds other stotar blast. Acharya again recited Bhaktamar Stotra and all the 48 locks with chains broken. Ocean limitless of passionless attributes Even Brahaspati is unable to pay bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit Which creature can swim the ocean Disturbed by Dooms day violent motion.

Bhaktamar Shloka Mantra added with method of getting powers. One Jain poet Dhananjaya was also becoming famous those days in the city. The King became angry and he ordered to his soldiers to place the Acharya in prison. Deities other envy Thy Omniscience Just as glass glaze diamond’s brilliance Bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit them there is no such glorification It is matching the glass to diamond’s position.

King Bhoja was a learned king of unsurpassed rank and was the author himself bhsktamar Sanskrit poetry. But ascetic saints have no purpose in meeting with King or any other persons. Bhajans and Prayers added. One day King Bhoj called Dhananjaya in bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit royal court and get introduced with him and praised him for his poems and wisdom.

The king had to realize the power of Janism and surrendered completely to the facts. Secret mantra of Bhaktamar Stotra added.

Acharya automatically came out of prison. With words select and expressions deep Hhaktamar give Thine supreme attributes a peep Just as Shruti others sang Thy praise It was Indra and other celestials craze.