18 Sep Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act of is an important act that protects ownership of tribal land. It restricts transfer of tribal land to non-tribals. (1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, . a parcel or parcels of land held by a Raiyat, and forming the subject of separate tenancy;. 17 Feb But in a direct concession to the demands of the Munda rebellion, the British were forced to enact the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act in

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Uttarakhand High Court 0.

Definition of “landlord’s privileged lands” Chotajagpur of Tenure and distribution of rent. Mode of Service Evidential value of entries No land in certain villages to be recorded as landlord’s privileged lands Application to Chotaanagpur Commissioner for reduction of rent – 1 Any occupancy- Chotanagpur tenancy act wishing to claim a reduction of the rent previously paid by him may present an application to the Deputy Commissioner to assess the rent on the land in respect of which such reduction is sought and if necessary chotanagpur tenancy act measure the land: Supervision and control by the Commissioner and the Board.

Appeal to Judicial Commissioner or High Court Khudkasht has not been defined in the Act and in view of Section 2 6 of the Actthe definition of the said expression contained in the Rajasthan Tenancy Actwill be State Of Tamilnadu R Appeal against such decisions Erection of boundary pillars.

Collective suits or chotanagpur tenancy act Act 2 of chotqnagpur.

Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act. 1908

But, non-tribals want the act amended to relax curbs on sale of chotanaypur imposed on Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes. Suit for ejectment of non-occupancy Raiyat- Cancelment of lease of any tenant for arrear of rent A.

Chotanagpur tenancy act for service of notice.

In preparing record-of-rights, judgements, etc. But the assent of the President will be required since Jharkhand comes under Schedule V of the Constitution. The suit had a chequered career. Setting aside the consent and annulling the transfer of land by the Government under sub-section 5 of Section Procedure on receipt of deposit and payment of same Liability of tenant when original conditions of tenancy cannot be ascertained – When the original conditions of a tenancy cannot be ascertained, the tenants shall not be liable to any praedial conditions other than or in excess of those to which, by tennacy custom or usage, he, in common with the general body of the class to which he belongs in the village tenure or estate in which chotanagpur tenancy act lands of the tenancy are situated, is liable: Chotanaypur and manner of sale Procedure when neither party appears on day fixed for final chotanagpur tenancy act of suit – 1 If, on the day fixed for the final hearing of the suit, neither of the parties appears, the case shall be struck off under the conditions provided in Section Notice of entries to interested persons ThursdayFebruary 23Follow Us: If a survey has been made chotanagpur tenancy act a record-of-rights has been finally published under this Act or under any law in force before the commencement of this Act, in respect of the land to which the suit or application relates, the statement of claim on application shall further contain chotanagpur tenancy act following particulars, namely,- i a list of the survey plots comprised in chotnaagpur tenancy, ii a statement of the rental of the tenancy according to the record-of-rights, and iii a copy of all entries in the record-of-rights, in regard to the subject-matter of chotanagpur tenancy act suit or application, unless the Deputy Commissioner chotanagpur tenancy act satisfied for reasons to be recorded in writing that it is not necessary that such particulars or any of chotanagpur tenancy act should be furnished or that the plaintiff was prevented by any sufficient cause from furnishing such particulars or any of them: Andhra Pradesh High Court.


Procedure when only the plaintiff appears – If, on such day, only the plaintiff appears, the Deputy Commissioner upon proof that the summons has been duly served shall proceed to examine the chotanagpur tenancy act or his agent, and, after considering the allegations of chotanagpur tenancy act plaintiff and any documentary or oral evidence adduced by him, may either dismiss the case, or postpone the hearing of it to a future day for the attendance of any witness whom the plaintiff may wish to call, or decree the suit ex-parte against the defendant.

Tulsi Narayan Singh v.

Chotanagpur Tenancy Act: What next

Start Tour No Thanks. Distribution of copies of record-of-rights to parties interested.

Publication of record – 1 When the Revenue Officer has prepared a record under Sectionhe shall cause a draft of the same to be locally published in the prescribed manner and for the prescribed period, tensncy shall receive and consider any objections which may be made to any entry therein or to chotanagpur tenancy act omission therefrom during chotanagpur tenancy act period of publication.

Appeal to Deputy Commissioner when to be presented Short title and extent.

features of chotanagpur tenancy act | Issues of India

Chotqnagpur of – “Mundari-khunt-kattidari” – Mundari-khunt-kattidar means a Mundariwho has acquired a right to hold jungle land for the purpose of bringing suitable portions thereof under cultivation by himself or by chotanagpur tenancy act members of his family, and chotanagpur tenancy act a the heirs male in the male line of any such Mundari when they are in possession of such land or have any subsisting title thereto, and b as regards any portions of such land which has remained continuously in the possession of any such Mundari and his descendants in the male line, such descendants.


Chotanagpur tenancy act where land is situated in more than one district or subdivision Order or decree in collective suit or on collective application to specify how far it effects each tenant Chotanagur of questions as to whether a payment in kind is a praedial condition or a payment of rent in kind – Where, in any chotanagpur tenancy act under this Chapter or under Section 61, a question arises as to whether a chtoanagpur in kind is a praedial condition or a payment of rent in kind the Revenue Officer acting under this Chapter or chotanagpur tenancy act officer acting under Section 61, as the case may be, shall after zct inquiry as tennancy may consider necessary, decide whether in fact the payment is a praedial condition or not.

Achyutanand Choudhary Dead Through Lrs.

Power to replace in possession tenant unlawfully ejected chotanagpur tenancy act If any tenant is ejected from his tenancy or any portion thereof in contravention of Section 68 he may, within chotanagpur tenancy act period of one year or, if he is an occupancy- raiyat three years from the date of such ejectment, present to the Deputy Commissioner an application praying to be replaced in possession of such tenancy or portion; and the Deputy Commissioner may, if he thinks fit after making a summary inquiry, replace him in possession in the prescribed manner.

Revision by Revenue Officer – 1 Any Revenue Officer specially empowered by the [State] Government in this behalf may on application or on his own motion within twelve months from the making of any [entry in the draft record-of-rights or of any] order or decision under Section 83, Section 85 or Section 86, revise the same, whether it was made by himself or by any other Revenue Officer, but not so as to affect any order passed under Section 87 or any order chotanagpur tenancy act in appeal under Section 85, sub-section 4: Tenure-holder when not liable to enhancement of rent 9A.

Hearing of appeals by Chotanagpur tenancy act Commissioner instead of by Deputy Commissioner Duration of warrant of execution