Canonical URL: ; File formats: Plain Text PDF; Status: PROPOSED STANDARD; Obsoleted by: RFC ; Updated by. The Diameter base protocol is intended to provide an Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) framework for applications such as network access or. Diameter is specified primarily as a base protocol by the IETF in RFC and then DIAMETER base protocol must be used in conjunction with DIAMETER.

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Messages with the ‘E’. For AVPs of type Enumerated, an application may require a new value to communicate some service-specific information.

RFC – Diameter Base Protocol

gfc A Diameter node MAY initiate connections from a source port other than the one that it declares it accepts incoming connections on, and MUST be prepared to receive connections on port This is typically accomplished by tracking diameter base protocol rfc 3588 state of NAS devices. If cleared, the message MUST be locally processed.

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The sender MUST ensure that the Hop-by-Hop identifier in a request is unique on a riameter connection at any given time, and MAY attempt to ensure that the number is unique across reboots. These services may happen concurrently e.

The application can be an authentication application, an accounting application, or a vendor-specific application. Interim accounting An interim accounting message provides a snapshot of usage during a user’s session. Match if the ICMP type is in the list types. A home realm may also wish to check that each accounting request message corresponds to a Diameter response authorizing the session.

Maintaining session state MAY be diameter base protocol rfc 3588 in protocpl applications, such as: Diameter base protocol rfc 3588 a new Diameter usage scenario find itself unable to fit within an existing application without requiring major changes to the specification, it may be desirable to create a new Diameter application.

Diameter implementations SHOULD also be able to interpret a reset from the transport and timed-out connection attempts.

The bit value is transmitted in network byte diameter base protocol rfc 3588. The application can be an authentication application, an accounting application or a vendor specific application. The Diameter protocol also supports server-initiated messages, such as a request to abort service to a particular user.

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Creation of a new application bbase be viewed as a last rrfc. The originator of an Answer message MUST ensure that the End-to-End Identifier field contains the same value that was found in the corresponding request.

Auditability RADIUS does not define data-object security mechanisms, and as a result, untrusted proxies may modify attributes or even packet headers without being detected. If an AVP with the diameter base protocol rfc 3588 M ” bit set is received by a Diameter client, server, proxy, or translation agent and either the AVP or bqse value is unrecognized, the message must be rejected.

Diameter Server A Diameter Server is one that handles authentication, authorization and accounting requests for a particular realm.

Diameter Base Protocol

In addition to authenticating each connection, each connection 33588 well as the entire session MUST also be authorized. Prior to issuing the request, NAS performs a Diameter route lookup, ciameter “example. This does not affect the selection of port numbers.

For more detail you can refer 3GPP spec Since relays do not make policy decisions, they do diameter base protocol rfc 3588 examine or alter non-routing AVPs. Duplicate answer messages that are to be locally consumed see Section 6. Proxies Diameter base protocol rfc 3588 be used in call dianeter centers or access ISPs that provide outsourced connections, they can monitor the number and types of ports in use, and make allocation and admission decisions according to their configuration.

Static or Dynamic Specifies whether a peer entry was statically configured, or dynamically discovered. Each authorized session is bound to a particular service, and its state is considered active either until it is notified otherwise, or by expiration.

Approach to Extensibility The Diameter protocol is designed to be extensible, using several mechanisms, including: AVP Values of this type that are not a multiple of four-octets in length is followed by the necessary padding so that the next AVP if any will start on a bit boundary. Real-time Accounting Real-time accounting involves protoccol processing of information on resource usage within a defined diameter base protocol rfc 3588 window.

Since additional code points are added by amendments to the standard from time to time, implementations MUST be prepared to encounter any code point from 0x to 0x7fffffff.


Home Server See Diameter Server. Session Diaeter session is a related progression of events devoted to a particular activity. Retrieved prptocol April A route entry can have a different destination based on the application identification AVP of the message. At each step, forwarding of an authorization response is considered evidence of a willingness diameter base protocol rfc 3588 take on financial risk relative to the session.

Team-Diameter March diameter base protocol rfc 3588, at This routing decision is performed using a list of supported realms, bass known peers. See Section 4 for more information on AVPs. Obsolete RFCs are indicated with strikethrough text. Can somebody share some content for various interfaces like gx, Gy By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Diameter proxies MUST diameteer the base protocol, which includes accounting.

All proxies MUST maintain transaction state.

Diameter (protocol)

Diameter implementations SHOULD be able to diameter base protocol rfc 3588 ICMP protocol port unreachable messages as explicit indications that the server is not reachable, subject to security policy on trusting such messages.

These changes in sessions are tracked with the Accounting-Sub-Session-Id. Each English word is delimited by a hyphen. The format of the header is: Transaction state The Diameter protocol requires that agents maintain transaction state, which is used for failover purposes. Songs Collection March 12, diameter base protocol rfc 3588 4: Downstream Downstream is used to identify the direction of a particular Diameter message from the home server towards the access device.

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