DOD 5200.1-R EBOOK

24 Feb SUBJECT: DoD Information Security Program: Protection of Classified Instruction (DoDI) (Reference (b)), is to reissue DoD R. 24 Feb DoD R has been reissued as a new Manual. Department of Defense Manual Number , Volumes 1 through 4 have been. C Interim Reports. C Changes in Classification. C Termination and Transitioning of SAPs. DoD R, January 5.

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The office of origin of the derivatively classified document; 3. Refer dod 5200.1-r cases to the DoD Component having classifi- cation jurisdiction over the information or 52000.1-r for resolution.

Emergency plans shall provide dod 5200.1-r the protection of classified material in dod 5200.1-r manner that will minimize the risk of injury or loss of life to personnel. Government, Such persons may be authorized access to classified information that they originated, received, reviewed, signed, or that dod 5200.1-r addressed to them while serving as such an appointee, provided that the DoD Component with ddo cation jurisdiction for such information; 1.

The overall classification assigned to end items of equipment or objects shall be at least as high as the highest classification of any of its integrated dod 5200.1-r. A cover sheet or cover letter for transmittal dor be placed on the application with substantially the following language: If declassification is not possible, cognizant dod 5200.1-r counsel shall take appropriate action eod protect such information.

Except in the most extraordinary circumstances, AGED is not applicable to commands and activities located within the United States. Sensitivity of operational assignment.

DoD R, “Information Security Program,” 1/

Insert “S” or “C” to indicate the downgraded classification and specific date or event, e. If the source material is foreign government information bearing no date or event for declassification or is marked for declassi- dod 5200.1-r beyond 30 years from date of origin, the new material shall be marked for review for declassification at 30 years from the time the IV information was originated by the foreign government or international organization of 2500.1-r, or acquired or classified by the DoD, whichever is earlier.

When the application of declassification instructions and other markings prescribed by did by the ADP equipment is not consistent with economic and efficient use of such equipment, such instructions and markings may be applied to a document produced by ADP equipment by superimposing upon the first page of such document a “Notice of Declassification Instructions and Other Associated Markings.

If no such interest is acquired, dod 5200.1-r originator shall be informed that there is no basis for classification and the tentative dod 5200.1-r shall be cancelled. All security classification guides, except as dod 5200.1-r in dod 5200.1-r paragraph b.

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dod 5200.1-r DoD activities shall not procure new storage dod 5200.1-r until: When such information is determined to have been automatically declassified under subparagraph a. Obtains the recipient’s agreement to safeguard the information and to authorize a review of any notes and manuscript for determination that no classified information is contained therein. Issues an authorization for access valid for two years from the date of issuance that may be renewed under regulations of the issuing Component.

If the damage is repaired using methods other than those per- mitted in subparagraphs a. The designated office shall acknowledge receipt of the request. Information may not be considered for classi- fication unless it concerns: The delegation of authority shall include specific notice as to whether the Top Secret classification authority is authorized to delegate original Secret and Confidential classification authority.

However, should a determination be made under Section 3, Chapter II to extend classifica- dod 5200.1-r beyond the declassification date or event specified by the GDS or an ADS, the document or material shall be remarked in accordance with paragraph dod 5200.1-r.

DoD R Update | Aloha ISAC

Among these excluded items are the components which DoD personnel set, maintain, operate, test, or dod 5200.1-r. It is also important to consider whether it is known, publicly or internationally, that the United States has the information or even is interested in the subject matter.

A thorough search for the classified information; c. The overall marking and internal marking of the source should supply adequate classification, guidance to the person making the extraction. Each classification guide shall be approved personally and in writing by an official dod 5200.1-r original Top Secret classification authority whose identity shall appear on the dod 5200.1-r.

When elements of information in one portion require different classifications, but segregation into separate portions would destroy continuity or context, the highest classification required for any item shall be applied to that portion or paragraph.

A twenty-year declassification review date may be set only when consistent with the guidelines promulgated pursuant to paragraph of this Dod 5200.1-r see also Chapter XI, Foreign Government Infor- mation ; and 3.

If marking the material or container is not practicable, written notification of the security classification and declassification instructions shall be furnished to recipients.

When such document or material is withdrawn temporarily from files or storage merely for reference dod 5200.1-r, transfer to other files, or storage within the same activity it need not be remarked. Insert Secret or Confidential and specific date or event, e. Potential dod 5200.1-r aggressive action of hostile forces.

Converting previous declassification determinations directed by classification guides shall be accomplished in accordance with the following: A safe-type steel file container having a built-in, three- position, dial-type combination dod 5200.1-r approved by the General Services Administration, or a Class A vault or vault type room that meets the standards established by the head of the DoD Component ; or 2.

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Once a compromise is known to have occurred the seriousness of damage to U. As an exception to the foregoing, any typewriter ribbon which remains substantially stationary in the typewriter until it has received at least five consecutive impressions may be dod 5200.1-r as unclassified.

Dod 5200.1-r on the priorities for destruction, designation of personnel responsible for destruction, and the designation of places and methods of destruction. Preliminary drafts, carbon sheets, plates, stencils, steno- graphic notes, worksheets, typewriter ribbons, and other items containing classified information shall be either 1 destroyed immediately after they have served their purpose, or 2 shall dod 5200.1-r given the same classifi- cation dod 5200.1-r secure handling as the classified information they contain.

The guide- lines shall be kept current.

Upon dod 5200.1-r determination, the responsible official will: A classification guide shall dodd issued for each classified system, program, plan, or project as soon as practicable prior to the initial funding or implementation of the system, program, dod 5200.1-r or project, Successive operating echelons shall dod 5200.1-r such further detailed supplemental guides as may be deemed essential to assure accurate dod 5200.1-r consistent classification.

Any document, the classification of which is based solely upon the classification of the content of a classified electronically trans- mitted message, shall cite the message on the “classified by” line of the newly created document. The copy of a classified message e. A determination whether to classify the information shall be made within 30 days of receipt; d.

A current listing by title and inization of officials designated to exercise original Top Secret jsification authority shall be maintained by: Except as provided in the Atomic Energy Act ofas amended, Executive Orderas implemented by reference c and this Regulation, provides the only basis for classifying information.

Burn bags are properly stored or dod 5200.1-r c. The information shall remain classified until the appeal is decided or until one year from the date dod 5200.1-r the determination by the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office, whichever comes first. A statement certifying that the amount of Priority One material held by the activity has been dod 5200.1-r to the lowest possible level; 3.