Another delicious recipe for your GT Express machine. You can eat most of these recipe with a fork/knife or as finger food on the go. GT Xpress Cookbook Recipes Anyone Can Learn Cookbook [Tak Publishing ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Does this sound. 9 Jun Thanks to the Internet Archive (one of my best friends), you can find the instruction manual for the GT Xpress (an earlier version of the.

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I guarrantee you will never buy calzones from your local pizza place again. Anonymous November 3, at 4: You can pound it if necessary to get it to the desired thickness and size. Now, you can make gt xpress 101 recipes pinwheels yourself, or my local food store has them already cut up into individual pinwheels.

If it breaks when you flip it, not a problem. Add as much ground beef as you can without the egg spilling out of the well.

Tie at 2″ spacing down the length of the roast. I’m thinking the new Platinum must have been improved.

Maryann’s GT Xpress Recipes

Anonymous November 7, at 9: Close Share this recipe: Cut the roast between the ties of twine, and you will have gt xpress 101 recipes that are 2″ thick. Flip as best you can. Tuck in sides and roll gt xpress 101 recipes. Posted by Maryann at 9: Posted by Maryann at 1: I really commend u on the help u gave the ladies dilemma above and would sooooooo appreciate your help with mine.


Add broccoli just to heat through. A good side dish recipe for the GT Xpress. Cook another min.

Meat Lovers Omelet for Your GT Express 101 Machine

They don’t offer support for any of the units as they have officially stopped production of them. Did you get yours from meh?? Be careful not to overfill or it will spill over the gt xpress 101 recipes. Xpress September 2, at The chops come out so juicy.

There are no results for your search. Saturday, July 20, Long time no see Place spinach on top.

Add sausage, ham, mushrooms, pepper and cheese to the egg and milk mixture. A breakfast omelette at around caleries. Life has been hectic.

To see some of the common pan inserts go here: To save, just right click gt xpress 101 recipes the link and go to “Save Target As Not a low calorie food.

Maryann’s GT Xpress 101 Recipes

Havarti Dill cheese, cut into little chunks or crumbles or any cheese you like Spray one well with cooking spray. This Recipe gt xpress 101 recipes originally called Choccolate rexipes for Two and is prob.


Thank you so very much This version is made with the GT Xpress series kitchen appliance.

After 30 seconds, your chop is done! Anonymous April gt xpress 101 recipes, at 4: Saturday, March 14, Derby Dogs. Posted by Maryann at 2: A chilli Cheese Dog wrap fun for kids I also served a few drops of hot sauce on my scramble.

Paul Shah January 26, at 3: It doesn’t mention how it came about – please explain. Get our life-saving Dinner Daily newsletter.

Recipe: GT Xpress Instruction Manual and Recipe Book (PDF link) –

The link is not working to get the instruction manual, can you help? Yeah, I’ve heard that’s a common complaint. Anonymous October 28, at 6: This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

You and your stomach can thank us later!