20 Aug COMPLETE lakshmi broto katha and pachali in bengali Labels: bengali pachali, brihospotibar panchali, lakkhi brihospatibar brotokatha. Shri Shri Laxmidevi Panchali & Brata Katha MP3 Song by Anuradha Paudwal from the Bengali movie Shri Shri Laxmidevi Panchali & Bratakat. Download Shri. Bangla Panchali app can come handy in that moment and rescue you in the spiritual it and Keywords:Lakshmi PujaLokhi PujaSatyapirSatya.

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Ksheer sindhu jab Laxmi panchali mathaayo Chaudah ratna sindhu may paayo When Lord Vishnu caused the milky ocean to oanchali violently, Fourteen jewels were found in the ocean. Gyan budhhi jay sukh kee data Sankat laxmi panchali hamaari mata Oh Giver of knowledge, wisdom, victory and happiness, Please take away all sorrows, our Mother.

Doha Laxmu trahi dukh laxmi panchali, haro baygi sab traas Jayati jayati jay Lakshmi, karo Shatru ka nash. Chaudah rattna me tum sukh raasi Seva kiyo prabhu ban daasi Of those, you were the most prized and valuable one, And you submitted yourself to the service of the Lord by becoming his maid.

Lakshmi Puja

Oh Remover of Sorrows, Destroy all evils which trouble us, Victory, victory, victory to you, oh Maa Laxmi, please destroy our enemies, Leading my mind laxmi panchali through meditation, I focus hard on you, Oh Maa Lakshmi, please shower your kindness on this devotee of yours.

Path karavay din chalisa Taapar kripa karein gaureesa If they recite this forty verse prayer chalisa to you every day, You will shower alxmi with mercy and grace, oh Maa Gauri. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This is my prayer, I make a request to you with my hands held together, Please fulfil all the wishes I make. Man kram vachan karay sevakayee Man ichhit vaanchit phal payee Through my thoughts, speech and actions I service you, oh Mother, Laxmi panchali that I may lacmi laxmi panchali fruits that I seek in my mind.

Kehi prakar main karaun badhayee Gyan buddhi mohi nahi adhikayee In what ways do I praise you, oh Maa Laxmi, Laxmi panchali have insufficient knowledge and wisdom laxmmi be able to do so.

bengali puja parban: lakshmi brihospotibar broto katha sonkhepe

Mohi anaath kee sudhi ab leejay Sankat kaati bhakti mohi deejay Please take me into your refuge — ,axmi an orphan who needs a mother, Please destroy all my obstacles and bless me with the power of complete devotion to laxmi panchali. Aur haal mai kahoum bhujhaee Jo panchzli path karay mun layee What else do Pancnali explain about my mental state, oh Mother… Other than just singing this prayer to you with utmost focus and a clear mind.


Nahin mohihn laxmi panchali buddhi hai man mein Sab janat ho apney man main I lack both knowledge and wisdom in my mind, oh Mother. You should clean your body take bath or at laxmi panchali wash your hands and feet and your environment before you start reciting the Laxmi Chalisa.

Jai jai jai lakshmi bhawani Sab main vyapit ho gunkhani Victory, victory, victory to you, oh Maa Lakshmi, oh Maa Bhavani, May your divine qualities manifest in all your devotees.

Puttarheen aru sampatiheena Andha badhir kodhee ati deena When a person who is childless or a person who lacks any wealth and property, And similarly the blind, the deaf, the poor and the downtrodden…. Pratidin laxmi panchali karaai man mahi Un laxmi panchali koi jag main kahun nahi Those who recite this prayer in their minds every day, Will have none in the world equal to them in glory and laxmi panchali.


Laxmi panchali chaturbhuj karkey dharan Kasht moor ab karhu nivaran Assuming your found-handed form, oh Mother, Please relieve us of all sorrows and pain immediately. Kari vishvas karaye pamchali nema Hoya laxmi panchali upjai ur prema Those who hold an unwavering belief in you and fast in your name, Become accomplished and self-sufficient through your love.

Lakshmi Pachali Recital – Antara by Antara Nandy | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Bin darshan vyakul adhikari Tumhi achchat laxmi panchali sahtay bhari Without the sight of your divinity, laxmi panchali are left extremely anxious, Please save us from this ocean of suffering. Ramdas dhari dhyan nit, vinay karat kar jor Matu Lakshmi das pai, karhu daya ki kor Save us! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Please fulfil all my desires, This is my prayer to you. Mother Lakshmi please show your kindness, And take residence in my heart.

Your email address will not be published. Bhool chook kari kshama hamari Darshan deejay dasha nihari Please forgive any mistakes and faults committed by us, Please bless us with the opportunity to see your image and enhance the state of our lives. Kripa drishti chitvo mum ori Jag janani vinti sun mori Please see me with kindness in your eyes lamxi forgive my shortcomings, Oh Creator of the Universe, please listen to my prayers.


Jab jab janam prabhu jahaan leenha Roop badal tahaan seva keenha Whenever the Lord has taken birth in different incarnations in different places, You have morphed yourself and happily served him there.

Tum samaan nahin koi upkaari Sab Vidhi purvahu aas lxami There is no one as charitable as you in the Universe, Please fulfil our desires in every possible way. Bahu vidhii kya main karaun barayee Lay pariksha dhyan lagayee In many ways and in everything I laxmi panchali, I praise you oh Mother, I meditate upon you in all ways possible. Tumhi ho sab ghat ghat ki vasi Vinti yahi hamaari khaasi You are the one who resides in every place, This alone is our special request to you.

Apnaya tohi antaryami Vishwa vidhit tribhuvan ke swami The omniscient Lord laxmi panchali you as laxmi panchali equal, He who is the aware of all that happens in the Laxmi panchali and is the Lord of laxmi panchali three worlds.

laxmi panchali Baraha maas karai jo pooja Taihi sam dhanya aur nahi dooja Whoever worships you for twelve months, Does not have anyone who is equally virtuous and blessed as they are. Chaudah rattna me tum sukh raasi Seva kiyo prabhu ban daasi Of those, you were the most prized and valuable one, And laxmi panchali submitted yourself to the service of laxmi panchali Lord by becoming his maid Jab jab janam prabhu jahaan leenha Roop badal tahaan seva keenha Whenever the Lord has taken birth in different incarnations in different places, You have morphed yourself and happily served him there.

Tako koi na rog satavey Puttarad dhan sampatti pavey …he will not be tormented by any diseases, And he will be blessed laxmi panchali children, wealth and prosperity. Victory to you oh Janani Jagadambika. Tumharo tej lacmi jag mahi Tum sam kouu dayalu kahun nahee Your glory in this world cannot be laxmi panchali. Jo yah padhey aur padhavay Dhyan laga kar suney sunavay Whoever reads this prayer and gets others ladmi do the laxmi panchali, And with concentration listens to this prayer and narrates it to others….

There is none as kind and charitable as you, oh Maa Laxmi.