Fill Navmc 11, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. PAGE 11 ENTRY: DoDD DoDD DoDI MCO PB COMPLETEDependency” NAVMC (11) “Evaluation/Acceptance/Refusal of. The Officer Qualification Record (OQR), NAVMC a, is one of the best sources of information NAVMC (3) (Chronological Record), NAVMC (11) ( Administrative Remarks), Record of Emergency Data (RED), and Servicemembers.

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Home News Messages Messages Display. This handout has examined the most common and useful personnel records available in the Marine Corps.

Use the guidance offered in the IRAM for when and how entries must be made, especially when recording the results of a counseling session or a negative recommendation for promotion or reenlistment.

Waivers for other eligibility criteria contained in reference a shall not be considered. This page is a printout of the manpower management data base and lists all sets of navmc 118 11 and conduct marks that a Marine received while serving in the rank of corporal or below. The computer will figure and present navmc 118 11 average marks in service and the average marks in grade.

Please help improve this article by introducing navmc 118 11 to additional sources. This “record presents a cumulative and concise summary of basic events in the officer’s career from the time of acceptance of appointment to separation. Record of navmc 118 11 data RED. Statement to substantiate payment of family separation allowance, when completed navmc 118 11 filed in a service members record entitles them to FSA.

References a through c provide governing policies and instructions for application, eligibility, and selection procedures for the subject board. The overall intent is to record any matter forming an essential and permanent part of a Marine’s military history which is not recorded elsewhere in the SRB or OQR.

Reference a requires applicants to have completed 8 years of restricted officer service in order to apply for the LDO program. The commanding officer’s copy s of a Marine’s leave and earnings statement LES will normally be kept as the first document s on this side.


Navmc 118 11 a period of leave or delay is reflected on a Marine’s LES, a copy of the orders which authorized the leave period will be retained here. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. This page is next in both records. Proceed, travel and leave navmc 118 11 not recorded. This page was last edited on 28 Julyat The application process for this board has navmc 118 11 significantly from years past. The OQR also serves as the basis for reporting information into the Marine Corps Total Force System and provides commanders with background information to assist them in officer personnel planning and assignment.

Officer Qualification Record

Applications shall be reviewed, routed, and endorsed through the fitness report routing navmc 118 11 up to the first general officer in the applicants chain of command to ensure that only fully qualified applicants are recommended for consideration. Punitive and non-punitive letters of reprimand as well as page 11 navmc 118 11 rebuttals will be filed near the end of the document side. Navmc 118 11 first standard page is the basic agreement which establishes the legal relationship between the servicemember and the United States government.

When a Marine is given navmmc authority for reenlistment or extension of enlistment or when awarded a remedial promotion, the appropriate documentation navmc 118 11 be retained on the document side of the SRB.

Skip to main content Press Enter. The order in which they will be placed will be determined by the local command. This recommendation is a portion of your participation in the enlisted promotion process.

Commanders are directed to disseminate this announcement to all eligible Marines nwvmc their command. The documents located on navvmc right hand side of the folder are in every record and navmx serve as a basis for comparison.

Officer Qualification Record – Wikipedia

Assignment to government quarters, is completed when a Navmc 118 11 accepts government quarters in lieu navmd BAQ. With the advent of several new SRB programs, Marines are encouraged to thoroughly review the navmc 118 11 of this bulletin. For Marines who work with classified material a number of important documents may be retained.


The Chronological record page is a historical record of a servicemember’s career listing all significant billets held and all units with whom they served. In addition to this, if the officer is a “mustang”, prior enlisted, his enlistment contract sand DD Form Take care of your Marines and yourself by ensuring their accuracy and completeness at all times.

All applicants should have a current photograph within their OMPF two weeks prior navmc 118 11 the convening date of the board. Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references. Officers who have twice failed selection for promotion to the next higher CWO grade are not eligible for consideration.

Electronic transmission and uploading of applications to the web portal eliminates the requirement for a NAVMC to be completed as navmc 118 11 by reference b: For the execution of this board, the 8 years of restricted officer service may be requested to be waived to a minimum of 5 years based upon an ending calculation date of 1 March This page is maintained as the last document on the standard pages side of an SRB for those Marines who have performed duty as naval aircrewmen.

Marines may also enroll their families in the dependents dental plan with DD form The IRAM lists more than fifty examples of documents which may be filed on this side of the record. There are more than thirty specific entries which can be made. Endorsements do not need to be formatted IAW reference bbut should include navmc 118 11 recommendation in one of the following categories: The Corps is dishing out big bonuses for grunts and other jobs.

Applicants who do not meet eligibility criteria navmc 118 11 whose applications are not submitted in accordance with these instructions and references a through c shall navmc 118 11 be presented to the board for consideration: