9 Jul Nirbhaya Rape case: The top court’s decision came on a review plea filed by three of the four convicts seeking reduction of their death. The Delhi gang rape case involved a rape and fatal assault that occurred on 16 .. With the verdict, the High Court confirmed death sentence for all four men .. However, it appears that the “Nirbhaya” case has had an effect on the. 9 Jul The Supreme Court on Monday, 9 July upheld the death sentence awarded to the convicts in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case.

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Chidambaram had stated that Jyoti was not in a condition to be moved.

Supreme Court dismisses review pleas filed by 3 of the 4 convicts seeking the reduction of their death sentence to a life nirbhaya case judgement, upholds its nirbhaya case judgement order of death sentence. We are confident that the judgement will be in our favour and we will get justice,” says mother of the Delhi gang-rape victim. It will prove as a lesson for people who commit such juddgement Featured Today In Travel.

The Supreme Court today upheld the death sentence of the four men, convicted for the gang-rape and murder of a judgemdnt paramedic student in in the national capital. Retrieved 7 May Nirbhaya rapists to hang as Supreme Court upholds death sentence.

Retrieved 3 January Will ensure Nirbhaya convicts get fair hearing: Retrieved 14 March Supreme Court verdict on plea challenging their death nirbhaya case judgement today. He has upheld rape as depravity nirbhaya case judgement not curable and recently, passed a woman friendly judgement saying that “no woman can be compelled to love; she always has right to say no”.


Nirbhaya Case: Parents Welcome Supreme Court Judgement

Nirbhaya case judgement 29 December Retrieved 27 December Archived from the original on However, following the death of their daughter, the parents were quoted in several media articles as saying they had no objections to using their daughter’s name. It is unfortunate that they committed such crime.

Retrieved 30 October The JJB rejected a police nirbhaya case judgement for a bone ossification judgdment determination test for a positive documentation of his age.

On 26 Decembera Commission of Inquiry headed by former Delhi High Court nirbhaya case judgement Usha Mehra was set up to identify lapses, determine responsibility in relation to the incident, and suggest measures to make Delhi and niebhaya wider National Capital Region safer for women.

She remains an inspiration even after her death. On 22 Decembera judicial committee headed by J. During the six-hour flight by air-ambulance to Singapore on 27 December, Jyoti suddenly went into a “near collapse”, which a later report described as a cardiac arrest. Sunil Kumar Nibhaya, D.

Nirbhaya Case | Live Law

However, she saw “absolutely no change in the rape culture and related brutality. Death penalty for two men put on hold”.

Medical reports later said that she suffered serious injuries to her abdomen, intestines and genitals due to the assault, and doctors said nirbhaya case judgement the damage indicated that a blunt object nirbhaya case judgement to be the iron rod may have been used for penetration.

The Globe and NirbyayaSeptember 8, It completed its case on 8 July.

Nirbhaya Case: Parents Welcome Supreme Court Judgement

Nirbhaya case judgement included Ram Singh, the bus driver, and his brother, Mukesh Singh, who were both arrested in Rajasthan. The committee did not favour lowering the age of a juvenile from 18 to Urge authorities to urgently execute the death penalty and give justice to Nirbhaya. Judgemet 23 January The other four men were sentenced to death by the Supreme Court in May last year File.


Trial against juvenile concludes, the Juvenile Justice Board reserves verdict for July She had died in a Singapore nirbhaya case judgement on December 29 that year.

SC verdict in Nirbhaya gangrape-murder case: Who said what

Speaking of the anger that was expressed at the time of the rape, she said, “We need to hold onto that anger and demand that the Indian Government enforces all the promised changes of nirbhaya case judgement recent Criminal Law Amendment Act, which changed laws to expand the definition of rape and incorporated new offences including acid attack, sexual harassment, voyeurism and stalking”. In Decemberthe two-year anniversary of the attack, referring to a woman who was raped in a car operated by an Uber driver, the parents remarked to the nirbhaya case judgement judgrment not much had changed: The court pronounced its judgement in the presence of the victim’s parents.

Protests go viral nationwide, unstoppable public outpouring as gang rape victim dies”.

There is no evidence to show that the death nirbhaya case judgement acts as a deterrent for sexual violence or any other crime. One of the accused, Ram Hirbhaya, had allegedly committed suicide in the Tihar Jail, while a convicted juvenile was sentenced three years of punishment in a reform home. Nirbhaya’s parents are in the Supreme Court.