Although little known today, Raymond Ruyer was a post–World War II French philosopher whose works and ideas were significant influences on major thinkers . 9 Results Les Cent prochains siècles: Le destin historique de l’homme selon la Nouvelle Gnose américaine (Essais) (French Edition). Apr 1, by Raymond. Nearly thirty years after Raymond RUYER’s death, in , his work is still under the influence of a paradox. He has been revealed to the public by La Gnose de.

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In the same way, it is indifferent to the anatomical scientist who knows the structure of the dog through his own cerebral relays, or directly, like absolute phenomenon. A structure is a closed group of possible rraymond, as well in mathematics as in biology. Theology of Finality Summary Translator’s Afterword: Please send submissions to: La Gnose de Princeton.

Neofinalism — University of Minnesota Press

The Contradictions of Biological Antifinalism 5. Author of many important works, he covered several topics such as the philosophy of biologythe philosophy of informaticsthe philosophy of value and others. It is thought, it is felt, it is created. It does not have hands, said Plotinus, nor to form any hands.

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Ads help cover our server costs. A complete operational description, a graph or diagram, approached the fluid reality in its virtual cyclicity, its abstract multiplicity, its mathematical self-organization of potential transformations.


I present first the challenge for epistemology when it faces the dilemma between rationalism and empiricism, rjyer by a presentation of the ideas introduced by Ruyer in order to ask raymnd they can be articulated to the “third way” in epistemology. Notify me of new comments via email. Absolute Domains and Finality University of Minnesota Press Coming soon.

Such an idea is understood by Ryle as a myth, that of interiority. The Author Taylor Adkins. But this discouragement—or this pretension—is completely unjustified.

In the s he was named corresponding member of the Institut de France. His work melded new scientific discoveries with philosophical speculation in rraymond way that departed radically from other thinkers in the continental tradition. The first sought to reduce the mental state to the neuronal state defined by its neurological properties, while the other, Wittgenstein’s, attempted to eliminate the mystery of the relations between thought and brain.

Thereafter Raymond Ruyer presented his own gnostic ideas. Nel corso del Novecento i concetti di forma e di struttura subiscono un radicale ripensamento. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Being opposed to the existentialism and the leftist trends of the French post-war intelligentsia, Ruyer’s work was rqymond accepted in scientific circles abroad than in France. He developed a theory of consciousness of all living matter, named panpsychismwhich was a major influence on philosophers such as SimondonDeleuze and Guattari.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A summary is provided of Ruyer’s important contribution, also a reversal from some ramond held in his secondary doctoral dissertation, about the limits inherent in technological progress, and an raymobd is made to show the coherence of this position to Ruyer’s metaphysics.


This postulate can be still expressed in the form: Philosophy Kitchen 6 – Isomorfismi. It is indifferent to the user who listens to the concert with the radio that transmits by amplitude modulation or frequency modulation, with two or three stages of amplification, if hearing is good.

Books by Raymond Ruyer

Although little known today, Raymond Ruyer was a post—World War II French philosopher whose works and ideas were significant influences on major thinkers, including Deleuze, Guattari, and Simondon.

Neofinalism offers a systematic and raymod argued treatise that deploys the innovative concepts of self-survey, form, and absolute surface to fashion a theory of the virtual and the trans-spatial. Signification of Equipotentiality 8.

In the mystery of morpho-genesis, there are raymmond two possible attitudes: Search Site only in current section. The main opposition consists of the idea defended by Ruyer that one cannot conceive what a mind is without defining a domain, interior to the Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.