SAE J This standard provides a system of a defined nomenclature to describe vehicle dimensions. A. combination of letters and numerals helps the. This SAE Recommended Practice defines a set of measurements and standard procedures for motor vehicle dimensions. The dimensions are primarily intended . 26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations.

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Track rise, when provided, is the amount the H-Point increases in height with forward movement due to an inclined seat track.

sae j1100

Full text of “SAE J Motor Vehicle Dimensions”

Sea Sae j1100 H-Point— The rearmost location at the full down position of vertical sae j1100 independent of track rise. If there is a step, the dimension is measured vertically from the ground to the first step entering the vehicle. Application— This SAE Recommended Practice defines a uniform set of interior and exterior dimensions for passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, and trucks. The prefix T is added to the L length and H height to denote specific H-Point travel path dimensions.

This assumes that the seat is not rotated sae j1100 design Cushion I1100 is maintained. The lateral Y coordinate location for the Ball of Foot is mid-width on the shoe at the side view Ball of Foot location. For vehicles with a rear door on only sae j1100 side, this dimension is to the zero “Y” plane. Luggage Capacity — Passenger car enclosed Luggage Compartments including hatchbacks sae j1100 station wagons partitioned to secure hidden cargo V1 – Sae j1100 Capacity Total of volumes of individual pieces of standard luggage set plus Sae j1100 stowed in the Luggage Sae j1100 in accordance with the procedure described in 9.

Reference points defining H-Point travel path are as follows: L11 Accelerator heel point to steering wheel center X 6. Cargo floor height 8. All dimensions are defined sqe to the three-dimensional reference 1j100, sae j1100 in SAE J except for ground-related dimensions which are defined normal to ground with the vehicle loaded to a design load saf, Unless defined in the dimension definition.

If no arm rest is provided at the designated “X” plane, use a height of j100 above the SgRP. Steering wheel shall be positioned with front wheels in straight-ahead position. The center of Knee Pivots are laterally separated for proper foot placement. Use appropriate value in denominator for metric English units.


Opaque coatings, reveal or garnish moldings adjoining the interior glazing surface are projected normal and outward to the exterior glazing surface.

The Luggage Compartment Lid or access door must close and sae j1100 freely without forcing or excessive slamming with all of the cargo sae j1100 in place in the compartment. L55 Fiducial mark no. W width and H height codes to denote specific pedal dimensions.

In case sxe dual wheels, the dimension sae j1100 be measured to the centerline of tire and wheel assemblies.

SAE J1100: Motor Vehicle Dimensions

All other adjustable features, such as an adjustable steering wheel and adjustable seat height, a seatback that adjusts independently from the Seat Sae j1100, power 4-way or 6-way seats, etc. This measurement includes vertical adjustment independent of track travel. Fiducial Mark Dimensions 5.

S1 Windshield area They are included in an effort sae j1100 harmonize world-wide vehicle dimensioning practices and to permit accurate comparison of domestic and off-shore vehicle dimensions. See Figures 4 through Each dimension is assigned a code which is composed of a prefix letter denoting the direction or type of dimension sae j1100 a number issued in sequence as required by each prefix letter.

Descriptions and sizes of the luggage pieces are detailed in Table 1. Some listings sae j1100 alternate titles and appear in two alphabetical locations. X, Y, Z coordinates are dimensioned to their respective planes. Interior components not adjoining to the glass are projected horizontally to the interior glazing surface, then normal and outward to the exterior glazing surface.

Foremost-Highest Design H-Point— The foremost location of the full up position of sae j1100 travel independent of track rise.

The foot may be placed on the floor pan with the centerline of the leg segment up to mm either side of the Y plane occupant centerline. Independent vertical sae j1100, if provided, is not included. Sae j1100 the position of the Pivot Center of the human torso and thigh, and d.

Sae j1100 the accelerator is depressed, the manufacturer shall place foot flat on pedal and note the depression of the pedal. For example, when two vehicles with the same front end profile are designed, one with a bolt on bumper and one with bumper integrated with the front end, the front end length dimension L on both vehicles will be the same.


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Sae j1100 limiting component shall be designated. Pieces from subsequent Standard Luggage Sets may be used when the previous set is placed in the Luggage Sae j1100. The foot may be placed sae j1100 the floor pan with the centerline of the leg segment up to 1 27 mm either side of the Y plane occupant centerline. Is the reference point employed to position the two-dimensional drafting template with the 95th percentile leg described in SAE J Any portion of this mm by mm area around the Sae j1100 in side view below and behind the seat cushion and seat back trim is excluded.

Dimension shall be taken from the back of the cab to the forward edge of the mattress support surface. For vehicles with SgRP to heel vertical H30 greater than mm, the accelerator pedal may be depressed as specified sae j1100 the manufacturer. Sae j1100 measurement includes vertical adjustment independent of track travel rise. The prefix “P” is added to the L length. A minus – dimension indicates that the brake pedal is lower than the accelerator pedal.

If sae j1100 area is totally excluded by the seat cushion and seat back trim, measure width to trimmed door or trim surface closest, in side view, to the SgRP. All exterior dimensions define the proportional shape of the vehicle, as opposed to its designed pieces.

See Figure 29 G sae j1100 0. The sae j1100 limit is the rear side of the second seatback or the folded third seat. Scope— This SAE Recommended Practice defines a uniform set of interior and exterior dimensions for passenger bars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, and trucks. L62 Knee clearance – front 6.