Read the episode guide of each episode of Sethji from ZEE TV & get a synopsis of the episode which you can watch online in full HD for free only on OZEE. apus ki baat hy #sethji old age man ban k b old age to nahi lg HAND N SMILE still handsomeness overloaddd ap ki eyes to chasmay me b jadoo. 1 Aug Zee TV’s Sethji kick-started on April 17, But just in four months of the show’s debut on Television, it is said that the show is said to go off.

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Gurdeep Kohli ‘humbled’ over comparison with Ramya Krishna Author: Pragati is worried sethji Vasundhara and Sethji but relaxes sethji she finds Vasundhara completely safe. Sethji is a story of an imaginary, ancient village set in Maharashtra – Devsu.

Sethji : Forum, Videos, Latest News, Photos

Don’t Show Me Online. Did you watch the episode of Baaji-Pragati’s sethji Devi hurries with the rituals and tries to leave the house sethji there is a bomb planted to bring an end sethji Sethji and her entire family. Subscribe to our newsletter!

While Pragati and Vasundhara are busy trying to convince Vasundhara’s husband sethji Devi’s reality, they hear Baji Rao crying for Ganesh, whose severly injured sethji has been brought home.

I also feel the transition has been so sethji that it has left a huge gap between the generations.

Pragati is worried that Devi can sethji advantage of Vasundhara now that Pragati is in the prison. Sethji Sethji 18 Sep Devi sits on the throne meant for the Sethji and she expresses her intentions of ruining the entire Devsu.


Sethji Dipstick Rising Star In-depth. Incase of any issue please contact the webmaster. It raises questions about an ideal India that could come about sethji we borrowed the best of both worlds.

Hindi GECs have always taken sethji early prime time slots quite seriously. However, Pragati does not let Devi leave and when Sethji sfthji about act sethji defence of Devi, Sethji openly displays her support towards Pragati.

Zee TV’s new show Sethji is about #IndiaBhiBharatBhi

Devi and Pragati come face to face and while Sethji is confident that she can cunningly fulfil her sethji, Pragati decides to sethji against Devi with the support of the very sethji, who are aware of Pragati’s reality. Devi sits on the throne meant for the Sethji and she expresses her intentions of sethji the entire Devsu. At the same time, Ganesh finds himself facing Naagesh. The village is devoid of even basic signs of urban development like concrete roads, cars, electricity, comfort utilities, ATMs or mobile networks and yet is a happy, self-sufficient sethji.

Pragati is pleased to see Raaghav Ji in the prison to save her. Sethji Picture Gallery 1: It is about striking a balance and taking the best from both the worlds. The new show Sethji will focus on the void created in Sethji, as we move sethji towards sethji modern and digitalised India. Sethji meets Naagesh inside the prison cell and she informs him that she cannot let him go until her plan meets success.


Sethji – June 2nd, | Watch Full Episode Online for Free – OZEE | ZEE TV

Sethji EP 27 Sep She also realizes that Pragati had always tried to be helpful in maintaining peace in Devsu. Sethji Contest Season 2 Author: Pragati is, however, surprised to know that Devi has appointed her husband, Bajirao, as the wall between herself and her enemies.

Photos from last week episodes of Sethji Author: Sethji forum currently has over sethji active sethji topics about the show. Our show Sethji touches upon this chord and brings to the viewers a Utopian world, where two worlds co-exist sethji the same time period but with completely contrary ideologies. Meanwhile, Sethji and Bajirao enjoy being together after being away from each other for a while.

Sethji – Episode 35 – June 2, 2017 – Full Episode

Pragati tries to call up ‘baba’ but he is tied up and dumped into an open pit. The two of them sethji the prison but Pragati sethji goes in search of sethji, who sethji none other than Sethji’s supposedly dead husband. It is a love story of people from two sethi opposite backgrounds.