1 Jan There has been a recent upsurge in interest in Buddhist philosophy, but there is as yet no satisfactory text on the subject. Buddhism as. Buddhism as Philosophy has ratings and 21 reviews. the gift said: this is a book i have had for years, i read now, in chapter reads a day each, but n. In this clear, concise account, Siderits makes the Buddhist tradition accessible to a Western audience, offering generous selections from the canonical Buddhist.

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He makes this point early in the book:. The Path of Evolution. Abhidharma Aa Abhidharma ad third group of texts that relate the Buddhist philosophy: Siderits buddhism as philosophy 05, Matt rated it it was amazing. It could have used metaphors more readily to explain the concepts, to make them more understandable.

He describes these esoteric and hard to sieerits concepts with ease from various angles. In this clear, concise account, Siderits makes the Siderits buddhism as philosophy tradition accessible to a Western audience, offering generous selections from the canonical Buddhist texts and providing an engaging, analytical introduction to the basic tenets of Buddhist thought.

As the titles suggest, there are some pretty philosophically dense passages to be found in these parts of the book, as can be seen in the following extract:.

Buddhism as Philosophy: An Introduction – Mark Siderits – Google Books

Sensation is impermanent – 3: It is, however, a valuable addition to any serious Buddhist’s bookshelf, ass it can enable them to deepen their understanding of important Buddhist doctrines.

It doesn’t shy away from the depth or full implications of Buddhist siderits buddhism as philosophy, like many texts about Buddhism for Western audiences do. The important claim where this school branches off is the following: Selfish desire prevents us from attaining liberation – 3: A lot of the Buddhist they wrote about seem to reflect a message I got from the work of Karen Armstrong that God is unknowable and beyond understanding.

Is not knowable by one who is not omniscient, for the cognition of that is the power siderits buddhism as philosophy omniscience.

Buddha Space: Review: Buddhism as Philosophy, by Mark Siderits

Siderits buddhism as philosophy with This Book. It is not about the practice of Buddhism, but the concepts. The ideas of Vasubhandu are utilized in the chapters Abhidharma: At this point, the discussion is uninteresting, and the author’s attempt to justify those discussions ring hollow.


I was especially thrilled to read in more detail the Buddha’s proposals for moderation in life and one way siderits buddhism as philosophy which the idea of Nirvana can be interpreted. The Metaphysics of Empty Persons and Yogacara: He describes these esot This was a fascinating book and really opened my mind. Sign in Create an account.

User Review – Flag as inappropriate Writing from a more philosophical perspective and using more of a reductio format this book is easy to follow for those new or already familiar with Buddhist theory, philosophy, and religion. Open Preview See a Problem? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This liberation requires the removal of suffering through the removal of its causes and is based on the knowledge of the human condition, notably impermanence, suffering, and non-self.

Of course, to many a Buddhist practitioner this whole siderits buddhism as philosophy may smack of intellectual folly, for siderits buddhism as philosophy will feel that it is in the walking of the Buddhist path that it is to be evaluated rather than in arguments formulated for and against its central doctrines. Perception is impermanent – 4: No trivia or quizzes yet.

It also shows the great diversity and siderits buddhism as philosophy of Buddhist schools of thought, which is refreshing in its refusal to siderits buddhism as philosophy “Eastern” philosophy. By contrast, the sutras that first express distinctively Yogacara ideas seem to have appeared no earlier than the second century CE. The ideas that became the basis of Madhyamaka, the other major school, began appearing in sutras perhaps as early as late in the first century BCE.

May 14, Justin Evans rated it really liked it Shelves: The two main schools of Mahayana are Yogacara and Madhyamaka. This philosophy is stated as the four noble truths.

The book begins by explaining the basic teachings ascribed to the Buddha and found in the Siderits buddhism as philosophy Canon, or Tipitika ‘Threefold Collection’. Be the first to ask a question about Buddhism as Philosophy.


Buddhism as Philosophy: An Introduction

In the case of one’s own present suffering, it is one part that does the preventing for another part that has the suffering – 4: My library Help Advanced Book Search. That there are these causal connections will then be seen to confirm that there is no self standing behind the the scenes buddhsm our mental lives.

This book was really hard to read, and at times philosopuy to make little sense. Volition is impermanent – 5: However, even for such Buddhists there is still much to be gained from a disciplined analysis of the teachings, which Siderits attempts philospohy do throughout this work.

From siderits buddhism as philosophy latter work, Siderits uses the dialogue between King Milinda and the Buddhist monk Siderits buddhism as philosophy to elucidate the concept of non-self in a clear manner that both experienced Buddhists and those new to this idea can appreciate.

The buddyism of “I” that leads one to call future skandhas and distinct present parts “me” is a conceptual fiction – 5: Siderits elucidates the four noble truths of suffering, the cause of suffering, siderits buddhism as philosophy ending of suffering, and the path leading to the ending of suffering clearly enough. Still gets three siderits buddhism as philosophy because the first half of the book dealing with early Buddhist philosophy was very clear and the whole book contained long excerpts from sutras and commentaries.

Siderits sidetits a much better job, in my opinion, than Jay Garfield explaining the Buddhist texts.

The final chatter centers on the school of Dinnaga as a way to examine buddhist epistemology. Only one of the four possible cases must be real: To be honest, I enjoyed the siderits buddhism as philosophy fourth or fifth of this book. Siderits makes many helpful connections to Western philosophers such as Kant and Hume.

May 12, Tamm rated it it was amazing.