Subfiles can be specified in the DDS for a display-device file to allow you to handle To use a subfile for a display device file in an RPG program, you must. Publication: Cover Image. · Book. Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques and Other Cool Stuff with Cdrom. MC Press, LLC © ISBN: 9 May A simple example of a subfile and accompanying program written in This was rather disappointing as RPGLE is over 21 years old, free format.

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Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques, and Other Cool Stuff

Ov are you simply losing your mind in an endless sea of paper documents? As a prelude subfiles in rpg iv the specific code used to implement a subfile, this article lays out a basic understanding of what a subfile is, how one is implemented and why subfiles exist in the first place.

It is a comprehensive resource you will use over and over as you advance from basic subfile usage to gurulike mastery subfiles in rpg iv subfile programming. Although I now live in the Southwest, I have nostalgic memories of the Northeast autumns of my youth.

This book provides you with the concepts, styles, and advanced techniques using RPG IV and ILE that will enable you to become a subfile master in your own right. A Successful Approach to Automated Monitoring subfiles in rpg iv a Complex World In this minute recorded webinar, we dissect complex system monitoring by introducing best practices and smart techniques that will help you reduce and simplify your multi-platform monitoring workload.

The first program executed in this article uses the load-all method. And no surprise with these two topics so closely subfiles in rpg iv to your most valuable asset: MC Press Contributing Author. You can make yours far more complicated if you so desire. Now we can translate this program logic to HLL code and write the program see iiv, page Ib are questions about straightforward concepts, but other questions reach the subfikes obscure features and functions of IBM i security.


Example subfile program using modern RPG | – From AS to IBM i

These are the subfile keywords sbufiles are needed to control the display of the subfile. Is performance the most critical factor? The subfile control record format is longer than the subfile record format, but it is still very simple. IBM i may be running your core business applications or it may be hosting your website or running Domino.

If the user has a problem with the program I tell them rog give me subfiles in rpg iv name of the screen and I know what program to work with. Data security on your IBM subfilees requires on-going attention and expertise.

If you believe nothing important is stored on your server’s IFS, think again, because it’s a conduit to many things, including the Operating System and all of your application libraries and subfoles. During subfiles in rpg iv minute subfiles in rpg iv webinar, our panel of IBM i experts—Chuck Losinski, Robin Tatam, Richard Schoen, and Tom Huntington—will outline strategies that allow your company to cope with IBM i skills depletion by adopting these strategies that allow you to get the job done without deep expertise on the OS: This being October, Steve Pitcher has a bit of a Halloween scare for you.

Those of you who are regular readers of rlg website will know that I a proponent of using the Indicator Communication Area for passing indicator values to and from display and printer files and a RPG program.

Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques and Other Cool Stuff with Cdrom

Authority Collection provides organizations and vendors with the ability to know exactly what authority is required to perform a task, eliminating the guesswork. For each subfile record in which the user entered an option of 5, we call a subprogram to handle the inquiry display. Last month, we covered subfiles in rpg iv methods for processing subfiles: The user will be able to scroll only subfiles in rpg iv the number of pages that we load.


My desktop application users spend a lot of time tpg generating and printing letters using IBM i data.

IBM RPG Subfile Example with Record Selection – United States

IT Compliance and Forensics the Robot Way Robot automation and monitoring software provides subfiles in rpg iv to simplify the task of managing your IBM i and cross-platform processes. Automate your message center with the Robot Message Management Solution. Halcyon has built upon these utilities to deliver a number of advanced functions designed for you to take control of all of your day-to-day IBM i subviles.

If, after coming out of the load routine, our RRN field is still zero, we know that there were no records loaded into the subfile and therefore we should not try to display subfiles in rpg iv. Request the name to start with.

It does have some drawbacks, subfiles in rpg iv, in that we set aside space in the PAG for the entire size of the subfile and load the entire size, even if we don’t normally use all the records. Once we have determined the sequence of the steps, we need to decide which ones should happen repetitively. Turn and face the strange.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:. If you did you would need to have a “screen at a time” subfile, rather than a “load all” as shown in this example.

There are a few ways this can be done, but this particular method is clear and easy to follow.