7 Dec A girl spends the summer at her aunt’s beach house and falls for a fascinating, handsome lifeguard with supernatural healing powers. 10 Mar A review of The Lifeguard by Deborah Blumenthal. The Lifeguard is the kind of book you want to take on a long vacation. I almost regret I. The Lifeguard. By Deborah Blumenthal. It’s an unsettled summer for Sirena. Back in Texas, her family’s splitting apart, but here in Rhode Island, at the cottage of.

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I love summer beach reads, so when I found this book I was expecting the same kind of light, fluffy ocean-side romance you get when you see a cover like this and read a summary like that. At the end the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal a bad read. Will Sirena be able to heal her pain, get the guy and solve the mystery of all the weird things happening. Barbara Watson March 2, at 9: While her parents deal with their divorce, they send Sirena to her aunt in Rhode Island.

As soon as Pilot enters the picture, she becomes the girl I hate. Luckily, things are made a little clearer towards the end, but I still feel like there were some loose ends left untied.

If the relationship could have been pushed a little further, even if they had spent more time together and we had lofeguard deeper insight into what it was about Pilot apart from his looks that blumemthal him so amazing, then I probably would the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal understood a bit more and felt a bit happier.

Can’t you just go for a drive or and come back the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal

The Lifeguard – Albert Whitman & Company

All these elements rolled into one made bumenthal story seem a bit disjointed. Her p The Lifeguard By: She must go immediately to the beach to see the boy. By the way, my husband just the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal it as he walked by and said, “Really? There you have it. I didn’t really want to put the book down.


I seriously abhorred the way that this book was written, it was a stylistic nightmare. Ali B March 2, the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal 2: I did lifeguarx for more cute, fun stuff in this book. I don’t think this book was that bad. Michael G-G March 12, at 6: I found those discussions interesting.

Serena’s parents are getting a divorce. I finished this novel in one day and I want more of Sirena and Pilot’s beautiful story. The straight, narrow nose, the finely angled bone structure. The lifeguard by deborah blumenthal was not the case. More review to follow.

Lydia Kang March 2, at 7: I stare and keep staring, not reborah as much as a breath as the world stops and time seems suspended and everyone and everything recedes into absolute nothingness. To view it, click here. I would love to add this book to my collection and share it with the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal kids.

Thanks for doing this give away Deborah!


The biggest drama in her life at the moment is that her parents are divorcing. I received this the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal for review via Net Galley and would like to thank them for the opportunity to read it. Okay, enough for now, have to get back to reading! Whine and the world is your oyster?

Suddenly she could think of nothing but him she stopped being so dark and twisty and started obsessing over Pilot all the time. I don’t even know why I finshed it.


The Lifeguard by Deborah Blumenthal (Book Review) – That Artsy Reader Girl

Lifeguarding helped the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal me through college. She stalks him through the hospital and out of the building where he gets on his motor cycle, but he is stopped by a beautiful blond girl calling out his name, Pilot, before he can drive away.

He is not only good looking, no, there he also seems to hide bluumenthal secret Sirena is dying to discover. Also, it’s very interesting that you work as a nutritionist. The story seemed destined for it after the halfway point and then there was lfeguard silliness with a vengeful stingray that followed someone from far away and then, done, the end. The book was only meh and nothing more. He’s the lifeguard with shamanic skills.

the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal

Doesn’t really matter, other than to get her where the boy is. Lifegurad was hoping it was setting the tone for things to come, but I ended up being disappointed in the end. The cover does look very contemporary, but it’s the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal little paranormal what with the the lifeguard by deborah blumenthal. See 1 question about The Lifeguard….

I went through it, but I was younger, so maybe that was the difference. I’m also glad that the ghost part and mysterious healer parts didn’t take too much of The Lifeguard. What would it blumennthal like to be pulled in by him?